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Sunday, February 13, 2011

reading. writing. talking.

Since Cadynce has started school she has learned so much. She absolutely loves school. Some of the things she's learned/learning are:
  • sight words (31 to be exact - so far)
  • sounding words out and starting to read some of her books on her own
  • counting to 100, and identifying 0 thru 31
  • she's finally mastered writing her name with a capitol C and lower case the rest
  • greater than and smaller than 5
  • her coloring is great, and her attention to detail is getting better and better
It's been amazing watching her grow and change. I think the other day at school I really was amazed at how many children she has had a good impact on, I mean, the other kiddos wouldn't be talking about her at home to their parents if she wasn't right?

Camden lost his binki on Christmas, which I'm sure you remember from (yeah I was going to post a link because I was sure I had blogged about this, but evidently I didn't!) ---scratch that. Back the bus up. Christmas Day at Mike's house I had found a hole in one of Cam's last 2 binkies, so I threw it away... later on the same day at Grandma Cleone's I found a hole in the last one. We figured okay, we're done. On the way home after our exhausting Christmas Eve and chaotic Holidays, we realized that was probably a crazy idea to give it up on Christmas Day. Well, I searched - no where was open -- and we had no hiding binkies in the house. So that was it, we were done. I found a different kind of binki stashed in his closet, but he didn't want anything to do with that...So we were binki-less on Christmas Day night. Camden was a trooper and only whined a little bit, he still has blankey so I think that helped. He really didn't need it and it was more for us I think at this point, but he has only ever asked for it maybe twice since then, so we have been really lucky. Okay, back to the here and now:

Camden was talking more and more, but I didn't see just how much his bink was inhibiting his words... he has come leaps and bounds in just a few short months. Every day he is saying more and more and his words are clearer and clearer. (Like other people can understand him now, not just me and Caydnce) He says things like:
  • mommy, i eat a snack
  • mommy/daddy i need a rink (drink) peeas (please)
  • oh-uh the moowiee (movie) is over
  • oh, okay, gooooodnight mommy/daddy/issy
  • uh, no summer, get on yooo bed
  • oh, i go a Tina's today?
He's ready for a big boy bed for the simple fact that he's just too big for the crib, but we haven't gotten one yet. As for potty training......well, eventually that will happen. I hope. I'm so done with diapers.

I'm thankful for my children. They are amazing.

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