Knudson Family Drama.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kelan Update:

Just was reading back and realized I left you all hanging about Kelan! So, after the removed tumor was sent to pathology, they found out that the tumor was differentiated and/or differentiating... translation: part of the cancer cells in what they removed were dead, and some were still dying. So, they opted to hold off on any more treatment and he is now in a "holding" pattern. They will monitor him and watch for any changes...
Kelan started preschool a few weeks back and is thoroughly enjoying being a little boy.

*some of my terminology may not be correct, but the gist is, he's not doing treatment right now!

The Tooth Fairy


The day we were on our way home from Mexico -- Cadynce lost her first tooth! She was so excited, Stacie was here with her, but she made Stacie PROMISE not to tell us. Stacie took a picture and sent it to us, so that the tooth fairy would know. Cadynce was so excited in the morning to see that the tooth fairy had came and went, but she was a little sad that we didn't get to see the tooth because it was gone in the morning. ;)
I have to say, I was so excited for her and yet sad for me. I hated missing a first...thank goodness our friends are amazing. Our kids are too.

wedding no. 2

Wedding number 2 was for cousin Andrea. Only Cadynce was in this one, but it was a long day for her with no nap. She did really well...actually, she was a pro. Our niece Alex was the other flower girl, the two girls had so much fun. Alex was a little nervous, but Cadynce let her know just how it all would go down. They did great together! Again, hardly any pictures, but that's because I actually forgot my camera at home and Colby had to bring it when they came... oops.

dance, princess, dance.


fancy dresses and music -- it's all she needs.




the girl and her papa. life is good.

Hot Summer Days...

So back in August, we had 2 weddings, 2 weekends in a row! I just realized I never posted ANY pictures! My bad! So, these are just a few from John and Lauren's wedding. I've known Lauren forever, literally, forever. Our whole family was in the wedding, so I don't have a ton of pictures of all of us, because we were all busy. Camden was especially cranky that day as well... we found out that very morning that the poor kid had tonsilitis. He was still a little trooper and wore his tux for about 5 hours!

Here we are! All fancied up!

This picture pretty much sums up the kids that day.

and of course the beautiful bride!