Knudson Family Drama.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Greetings all, I know I've been gone for a is crazy around here, and I'm not promising to do better, but I do have a funny story to share with you all!
This morning at around 5:20ish we had an earthquake. Centered near Kingston I believe. Well, our bed was a rocking and not for reasons most are thinking. Colby rolls over and says, "did YOU just roll over?" I should have punched him, but I didn't, I just laughed. And now you can too!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

sleeping babies

It's 1:50 pm on Saturday, and both my kids are sleeping at the same time, in their own rooms. Ahhh, peace. It's been a rough week for all of us. Camden started daycare with Cadynce; which is so great. He had a great first week and I'm so grateful that our daycare lady decided to take him. Colby had a class in Kent Wednesday and Thursday that left me with some really tired kids to deal with not to mention having to leave work early to pick them up. Oh well, we got through it. Tonight we have a marketing conference for work.....such a struggle to find a babysitter. It's never like that, but for some reason this afternoon/evening EVERYONE has something going on. It has all worked out and we are still going, but it was hard work getting to this point.
Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone; I need to take advantage of the silence and get the car cleaned out and start getting ready to go.
oh, and because I forgot to say it before, "Happy New Year!"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A rough day.

Thursday was a rough day for me. With all the flooding around here, the phone call came at 6 am, that Colby's help was needed sandbagging at a family friend's farm. So off he went. Leaving me to get the kids up and to their daycare/babysitters. All was fine....once at work, I had to take the overnight freight over to our Stanwood store because the big truck that delivers it didn't want to for risk of flooding. Then off to a machine shop by Kayak point, the long way. To Mike and Rhonda's to pick up the stinky dogs who are too fat and lazy to jump in the back of the truck. Fine. Fine. Get back to the store and Colby is stuck at the farm. Roads are closed and there is too much water to get out anyhow. Ugh. 3:30 hits, time to go have to pick up the kids. Mike needs help with one last thing; which changed who I picked up first and therefore altered the evening...and turned my already "ugh" day into an extremely sad one. Finally, I got out of Napa and picked up Caca, headed to Sara's to pick up Camden. Kids got to play for a big, that's always nice. Got the kids all loaded up and headed for home, almost 5pm. We get across hwy 9 and see people swerving in front of Haggens. They were swerving not to hit an already hit but still alive dog. I can't go by....I slam on the brakes and put on the flashers, shoot, kids in the car. Back up and pull off the road tell Cadynce we're going to be a few minutes and I get out. Long, sad, story made a little shorter: I called dispatch to come and get the dog because I know better than to touch an injured animal. Some people who saw the hit and run come and park behind the dog so no one else can hit it. (thank heavens there are still good people in the world!) Eventually another lady pulls up and stops and the kids tell me it's the lady that they saw do the "hit-and-run." I tried not to talk to her for fear of strangling her. Anyhow, dispatch came and took the dog to a local vet, my kids were patient, didn't freak out or see what we were doing. Yesterday, I called the vet to check on the dog and I knew it in my gut when I called, they had put the dog down. No one had called missing a dog and I still don't know if anyone ever turned up looking for their pet.
Oh, Colby did get out and make it home later that night too.

Monday, January 5, 2009

things Cadynce loves (part 2)

I racked and racked my brain and couldn't remember the rest of her "loves." So I asked her. I'm pretty sure I'll make a scrapbook page out of this too, but for your reading enjoyment; more of what she loves:
Dora, toys, summer dog, phones, tents, going to bed(haha, yeah right), Cars (the movie), my brother, you (me), Daddy and coloring. Some of those may be repeats... so then I decided to keep on with the questions. I started to ask her some of favorites.
Favorite Color: Blue
Movie: Cars
Book: Dora
Treat: Vitamins
Food: Chicken Nuggets
Snack: Bananas
To do Outside: play with Summer Dog
Game: Tag, you're it!
And finally, her very best friend is her cousin Alex.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

things Cadynce loves

In the car on the way home from Napa, Cadynce started rambling on and on a very large list of things she loves. I'm trying to remember them all...
1. I love my brother.
2. I love suckers.
3, oh and I love to go there. ( i ask where? she says THERE.)
4. I love the snow.
5. I love my summer dog.
6. I love my nana and my papa too. and all my grandpas and everybody else.
7. I love to to go there. ( again, I ask where? and again, she says THERE.)
8. I love to color in my new Cars coloring book.
9. I love my sprayer. ( a color wonder spray thingy that was a Christmas gift)
10. Mommy, I LOOOOVE chocolate. ( i do too Cadynce, I do too.)

I've run out of the rest, but there was a lot more. When she comes home from nana and papa's house today I will ask her.....and write them down this time, so that I can share them all with you!