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Monday, February 14, 2011

Halloween oh-ten

 This year, the kids finally got some good use out of their costumes. We went to a Halloween birthday party for Cole. We had downtown trick-or-treating, actual Halloween trick-or-treating, and I won a Halloween photo shoot for the kids! Wow! Cadynce was Tinkerbell and Camden was Buzz Lightyear. You can see that downtown trick-or-treating was a little on the cold side, in fact, by the time we were finishing it was starting to rain.
 Camden wasn't overly excited when we headed out for downtown. It was nearing nap time, a little chilly, and his costume may have been a titch too small. (I got a size 5, sheesh!) I did enjoy walking behind him though because you could see his cute little diaper butt through the white bottoms. Ha. I'm sure he'll thank me for that later on.
This was my best shot of both of the kids. Not the greatest I know, but it is sooo hard to get both kids to look at the camera and smile while there are a million other kids in costumes walking around.

I couldn't resist taking pictures of Cadynce's super cute Tinkerbell wings. They just made me happy. Even with them over her coat she still enjoyed flitting around in them.
I had to include one of Cadynce's hair too! I did it all by myself, 4 times even. No, 5 times, because we had a test run before any of the dress up festivities took place!

At the end of downtown trick-or-treating, we had one tired little boy. He was a good sport though, getting all dressed up so many times, knocking on doors, smiling for the camera and saying "trick-or-treat." All in all, Halloween was pretty good this year!

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