Knudson Family Drama.

Monday, February 14, 2011

punkin patch oh-ten

While Colby and the guys were gone hunting, Lauren and I took the kids on our annual Pumpkin Patch trip. It was cold and trying to rain, so we hurried right along. Camden was funny because he would so, "ohh, puhhh-kiinn" and Cadynce just kept putting more and more pumpkins in the wheelbarrow. I finally had to take a bunch back out and make her pick just two. I ended up leaving my camera home, but Lauren brought hers, so the pics are from her! Thank goodness!

Awwe, cam still had a binkie.

Our best attempt at a picture of all of us.

Cadynce was missing a tooth and not cooperating very well for pictures as you can see.

Trying to get a shot of both of them and how tall they were getting. Don't you love Camden's mis-matched camo?

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