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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lights of Christmas. 2010

Last year, we finally got to go to the Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach. I've been wanting to go since I moved to Arlington, and we've just never made it. For one thing, it's pretty expensive so justifying the money was part of the problem. After going though, it's totally worth it. Not to mention I had a coupon, and the guy gave us the discount for all 4 of us. How nice was he?!
I had been told about the mini donuts. Oh.Em.Gee. Honestly, these are probably some of the best donuts I have EVER had. They make them in a little tent right there so you can watch, that's pretty cool all in itself, but then they cinnamon and sugar them and put them in a little baggie. Num. Num. They practically melt in your mouth.
It was really cold of course the night we decided to go, the kids got kind of crabby, and hungry. We broke down and tried to buy them something to eat, for Cadynce that was fine, but Camden is stubborn...
The kids loved watching the little train go round and round. There are so many different little things to see, I know we didn't even come close to seeing all of it, and we still had a good time.

I definitely need to work on my night-time lights picture taking though. Yowza.

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