Knudson Family Drama.

Monday, January 18, 2010


It's official, we've started The Biggest Loser at work again. Our first official weigh in was on the 4th of January. We all paid 10 bucks just like last time, and we all weigh in every Monday. If you gain, you pay --- a dollar a pound! Week 1, I lost a pound and the same in week 2. I really was bummed out about my 1 pound weeks. I know a loss is a loss and I'm probably gaining muscle, because I'm now a Zumba freak! But still, it's so very hard when your husband is pulling 6's!
One of the many pros is that we have made some major changes around the house with eating. We're back to 100% whole wheat just about everything, and we eat much more balanced meals, which means the kids eat more balanced meals. We drink coffee from home, make lunch to take to work, bring snacks from home and then cook a lovely dinner at home. Saving money -- major bonus! One of our big New Year's Resolutions was to pay off a major part of our bills, but then we found out we were going to Cancun for Phil and Hailey's wedding in August, so that changed things up.
Looking forward to sharing our weight loss journey with you all, and how all these changes will make us healthier happier people! Plus, I'm hoping to look smokin hot in a bikini. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Camden has been putting so many words together, it's amazing! How fast he is changing and growing. I can't remember if I told you all that we had another low blood sugar episode right before Thanksgiving. We got all the blood work done and sent to Children's. Good news is, everything looks pretty close to normal and he hasn't had an episode since. The bad(ish) news is that we do have to go have a follow up appointment at Children's with Dr. Badaru because his growth hormone level was low. Weird. I'm not entirely sure what that means since Colby was home when she called, I will feel much better about the whole situation after we meet with her on the 29th of this month.

Some of Cam's words and the ways he uses them:
i love you mommy. thank you mommy. nemo over. binty (binki) go? no sissy. goo daa (good dog). i poop. wawer peease.
Every day his vocabulary is growing, it's so rewarding!

Cadynce Rae is so full of it. She's gonna be a handful that girl. It's blows me away how she can be such a little snot, saying no, stomping feet slamming doors; and then come right out and be so thoughtful and loving. She spent the night with Papa last night and yesterday they went to the cemetery. My phone rang about an hour after he had picked her up. It was Cadynce, she wanted me to look outside and see the pretty red tell her brother she loved him...and to let me know they went to the place where Nana was buried. She also told me that Nana could see those pretty clouds too because she was right up there in Heaven. And asked if I remembered when we talked about if there were roads in Heaven or not. What do you think?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions

1. To get to my target weight (last years resolution) of 145 pounds.

2. To get the yard under control.

3. To pay off 75% of our bills.

4. To do more activities with my crazy kiddos.

I have more... but I think this is a huge undertaking as it is, so we'll see after a few months how things are going and I may add a few more. We're starting the Biggest Loser at work again on Monday, so I'm really hoping to get to my number 1 resolution sooner rather than later.
Wish me luck!


Lots of congrats:
new baby Braddock arrived back in November to Scott and Megan Johnson (pretty sure I mentioned that already but oh well.)
And December engagements:
John Freeman and Lauren Elings!

Phil Johnson and Haley (um... soon to be Johnson)

I'm sure theres more.....lots more, since it's the season for that... but I just wanted to share those happy things with you guys!

How'd she learn that word...

A few weeks back, I was in here (our room) on the computer and Colby and the kids were out in the living room. I can't remember exactly what we were about to be doing, but I had asked Cadynce to ask her dad to help her get something. Being the smarty pants that he is, he told me to do it myself. I politely ignored him and kept doing what I was doing. A few minutes later, little missy came in, and promptly says, "mom, dad says get your ass off the chair and come out here!"

me: "exuuuuuuuuuuuuse me?!" "colby, get in here NOW!"
colby: "what?"
me: " what did you tell her to say?
colby: "I told her to tell you to get off your "tail" and come out here."

Still I'm not entirely sure where she learned that word and how she ever learned the exact context to use it in. We had a long drawn out conversation about words that should not be used by little girls...and then one with daddies about what words shouldn't be used in FRONT of said little girls.