Knudson Family Drama.

Friday, June 24, 2011

just cadynce.

This is all for you girl. Back in September, your first day of school, your face was more round, you had long hair, and all your teeth.

Since then you have:
  • learned to read
  • mastered all your Kindergarten skills
  • gained a lot of friends
  • lost 3 teeth
  • played in the sun, rain, & snow
  • been named student of the month twice
  • gone camping
  • been to lo-lopez
  • dressed like tinkerbell, a princess and a pirate
  • played with chalk and bugs
  • become quite the little artist
  • began writing letters and journals
  • cut off all your hair to donate it to locks of love
You have a lot of attitude these days, Sissy, and I lose patience with you more often than I can seem to keep it. School is out for the summer & now you're a big 1st grader. Time is flying by. Your birthday is tomorrow. I love you to the moon and back little girl.

kid pictures.

Here are some pics of the kids, we have gotten, maybe 2 days of sunshine. Okay, maybe a few more, but it feels like 2.

Grandma Cleone spent a few days at the hospital, and then at Regency Care facility while she was getting her strength back. They held a fundraiser for Relay one Saturday, so Grandma got a walk, and Sis got her face all done up.


Um, can you sit like this?

Memorial Day weekend at G-ma Cleone's. (Her b-day celebration and Carson's grad party.) Cam found an anthill. Kept him busy for hours. Well, that and basketball.

The kids love jumping on the trampoline with the Klein kids. :)

details, details...

Okay, I did forget a few things...

I might have gotten a wild hair and brought home a new lab pup. His name is Remi (Remington) and he is horrible. LOL. It has been a long time since we had a pup around here. Ugh. 

This was taken just today. Colby is gone for the weekend and the damn dog keeps finding everything he shouldn't have and is dragging it up to the porch. I have to go wrestle it away.

Who's idea was this puppy again?

it's been a minute...

...or ten, since I've been on here. I guess, really the last goings on - were that I was bummed out and missing Rhonda. My phone broke, so I got an iPhone (that I can mobile blog from and I just haven't) and so much stuff has happened. Well, gee, Tisha, it's only been what? 2 months.

Okay, moving on. In April, we had Camden's 3rd birthday (and NO he's still not potty trained!) Cadynce was student of the month - AGAIN! We went to a fun pirate birthday party for our friend, Kelan.

This is my favorite picture from the party of us, because it's just so us.

Colby was gone right before Easter, so Papa came over and dyed Easter eggs with me and the kids. We went to the city of Arlington's Easter Egg Hunt, and the kids had a blast. Papa even brought Great Grandpa Ben to come and watch. We celebrated Camden's birthday on Easter at Grandma Cleone's house with the family, an Easter Egg Hunt, and cupcakes.

The day before Easter we had a fundraiser for Relay For Life and raised just over $500.00! We had a good time, but definitely learned some things we will do different for next year. During the weekend of paint the town purple (relay fundraising weekend in May) Cadynce needed a haircut. I picked her up from school and she said, "mom, tomorrow when i get my haircut, I'm really going to get it cut. I'm ready, and somebody else needs my hair." Kid, in one moment you make me so proud and thankful that I have you.

And just like that, 11 inches of my baby girl's hair was gone. Debby even reluctantly agreed to a picture with sis. Debby has been cutting the kid's hair forever & her son passed away a few years back from cancer...

In May, Colby and I had a quick weekend trip to L.A. for Carson's big graduation from UCLA Law. Everyone is so proud of Carson. (I did tell him, he has used up his allotted graduations though.) We enjoyed our quick break from the kids and were thankful to have great friends step in and watch them for us.

We got to do a lot in our short little weekend, including taking in a Dodgers Game! (I was going to put a link here to an older post about Colby and me wanting to eventually visit every ball park, but evidently I never wrote about I guess it's a "note to self" to write about that. duh!)

That pretty much sums up May. The first weekend in June was Relay. What's that you say? How was it? Ah-maz-ing of course! It's always hard for me, thinking of Rhonda (or anyone else affected by cancer for that matter) but, a  great weekend all the same. I think we raised over $290,000!! Pretty good stuff right there.