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Monday, February 28, 2011

a hunting we will go

...for a Christmas tree that is.
This is a second attempt at this post, because I had already finished it, and hit publish post and for some reason, it didn't! UGH!
Anyways, this will now be the short and UN-witty version. We went to Fish Creek Tree Farm again this year for our tree because they have so many trees to choose from.
Once we got Camden to walk, or run, we couldn't hardly get him to hold still for any pictures, that's why there's only one of him with Colby and Sissy. Let's see, it's hard enough trying to remember what I wrote just a few minutes ago, let alone the months ago that this actually was!
Oh, we thought we had found the perfect tree (before the one below) so Colby really got a kick out of making Cadynce stand by the tree while we kept looking. Evidently, Rhonda did this to him and Ryan every year, multiple times in the hunt for the "perfect tree."

Sissy and I.

Daddy and the kiddos.

I really love this picture, it's so perfect. And just so you know, after this, Colby made me help carry the tree out. I got covered in tree sap, and smelled like a tree for the rest of the day.

Oh well, I guess there's worse things to smell like, right?

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