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Friday, February 11, 2011

good day gone bad

Today, was one of those days. You know, the kind that start out really good, and then one thing after another goes really wrong? Yep, that kind.
Colby left last night to go fishing until late Sunday night so I was mentally preparing myself for a single mother of 2 weekend. I knew/know we'll get through it, 3 days is easy squeezy compared to the ten in the fall right? right.
This morning went pretty smoothly as far as mornings go. Kids got up, had breakfast, got was Cadynce's Valentine's Day Party at school that I needed to help out at and with Colby gone, that sort of threw a wrench in things, so Camden went to Tina's for the day. I got Cadynce to school and turned around to run to get some Starbucks. (Love me some Starbucks) I got Aunt Sandie a coffee and dropped by to visit her. (Things are going good so far right?) The Valentine's Day Party went well too. Done with school and no kids, meant a super fast trip through Target. Yeah for me! Then home to vacuum and do some laundry.
I headed back to pick up Cadynce, then Camden and back to town to get them a hair(s) cut. (still going good.) Cadynce had a good day she tells me and that she had lots of sweets. Oh joy for me, a sign of bad things to come for sure. We're going on three weeks in a row of 3 day weeks for her and she's already been tired. Arrive at Magic Shears to have our normal haircutterers gone. I decide, "what the heck, we're already here" big mistake. BIG MISTAKE.
Camden throws uber fit and ends up with a not so great haircut. I felt so bad for the lady; so, so bad. We get through it and both kids have a sucker. Okay, wait, backup, on the way to Magic Shears, Cadynce asks if she can have candy after dinner from Valentine's. I answer she can choose either a sucker at the haircutting place or one piece after dinner, she chose the sucker.
Here's where things get bad........

Cadynce drops her sucker on the floor and has to throw it away, which leads to a major meltdown. I go to put it in the garbage and see that she has thrown away her whole sandwich from lunch, which leads to one mad mommy. I won't go into details but we had some lying happen about lunchtime - lies do not go over well in this house. The super tired Cadynce then had a major kicking screaming meltdown complete with the catched breaths and the fear of vomit at any moment.

Ugh. Anyhoo, the crying stopped and the rest of the evening wasn't half bad. She is still pretty upset that she won't get to spend the night at Papa's house tomorrow night, but, oh well. On a lighter note: Colby caught his first Steelhead today (actually he caught 4 of them) so that's really exciting.

Tomorrow is a new day, right?

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