Knudson Family Drama.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Being Thankful.

These past few years I have realized there are so many things to be thankful for, so many little things that we typically take for granted. Modern medicine for one: it has given Rhonda an additional 8 years (so far) and more to come I'm sure. Tiffany delivered a healthy baby girl on Thanksgiving despite having high blood pressure. My son has had a cold, been teething, and had a fever for a few days, Tylenol has helped keep it down. While it doesn't always work in ways we want it to and sometimes it does fail us, more often than not it's almost like witnessing a miracle. I'm thankful for the time I have at home with my children even when the little one is sick and clingy and Cadynce is running rampant through the house yelling "com'ere monkey moo, come on." I'm thankful for my dvr so I don't have to watch commercials during shows and I don't have to stay up late to see Grey's.
My friends, I'm thankful for them in more ways then I can even begin to explain. My family, I'm so grateful for them...and I do mean Colby's family in there as well because they are mine too. There are times when things are trying; for example my mother (lulu) she drives me craaazy. More so than my kids and in a completely different way. She is so frustrating and I just wish that she could grow up, however I know that is not ever going to change, she is who she is. Oops, got sidetracked, sorry, she called the day before Thanksgiving and wanted to know when we were coming over. She knows I wont take my kids to her house (its a pig pen) and it was the day before for heaven sakes. After explaining to her we have plans she is of course, upset, and nothing I can say or do will change this. Anyways, I'm thankful that somewhere along the way I have learned right from wrong and that I know that there are things out of my control, circumstances that I can not change, and things that are not my fault. Sometimes I just wish that other people could see that side too.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to enjoy their families!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

One of THOSE days.

Today Cadynce got to go to her first ever, movie at the theatre; with of course, her papa. Mike also took Alex, Cadynce's cousin, as it's her birthday coming up and they saw Bolt. Evidently, Cadynce liked it okay, but Mike thought it was a bit over her head and has decided he will need to take her to see Madagascar 2 now ( a bit more her level). However, as a result, my 3 year old who desperately needs naps, did not get one. Also, cousin Ava (Kira's youngest daughter) is here to spend the night as well. I am totally and utterly exhausted as its 8:53 pm, the girls have been in bed for 20 minutes and we have had to make 2 bathroom trips already. I forgot to take pictures and tell you all about Cadynce's new AWESOME bed, so that will have to wait for another day, but for understanding the story, its a full size bed on the bottom (Caca sleeps here) and a bunk across the top (Ava is up there). Lately, there has been so much talk of a third child from everyone around us. Last weekend we had Blair (our godson who is 2) for the day, and now Ava (who is sooo easy mind you) but its beginning to make me think we may stick to our guns about 2 being enough. Wow, I must be tired, since I have completely lost track of my story...I found a perfect quote out of my "Momisms" book which about sums up my evening as far as Cadynce is concerned. "Look at me when I'm talking to you." {Moms do not like to be ignored, especially when delivering a long, impassionate diatribe on a child's bad behavior. Maintaining eye contact is the only way a mom can tell if her message is getting through, even if the eyes in question seems to be glazing over into a zombielike state.}
p.s. scratch the 2 trips, we are now up to 4 and it is 9:11 pm. I'm going to bed before I lose my mind. Good Night Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mi Vida Loca

I swear, someday I am going to have a chance to sit down again. SOMEDAY! As of last week Camden is crawling and pulling himself up to standing. He has 5 teeth. It happened so fast it's crazy. I go to help Cadynce with one thing and turn around to find him tangled in Colby's video game cords. Actually, not so much tangled but chewing on them and pulling down everything he can get his chubby little fingers on!
Now that Cadynce is 3 1/2 she has completely gotten the hang of the Christmas season as well. EVERY single commercial/advertisement that comes on t.v. for some kind of toy that we have managed not to fit into our little house - she "needs it" or "wants it" or would "really like to have that" for "Halloween." I say, don't you mean Christmas? Oh yeah, that's what I meant Momma. I'm hoping that later today, or just sometime this weekend I will get a chance to sit down and write something more than just this short blurp of me whining.... Until then:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Closing thoughts

For today, I leave you with this:
Look closely at the hair UNDER her shades. I love my girl!

Tiff's shower.

It seems like things are never spread out, it's all or nothing ya know? I seem to have so much going on at once, but that's okay. A good friend, Tiffany, has a baby girl due in December - fairly certain she's going to come sooner! Anyhoo, just wanted to share a few photos from the baby shower that Sarah D helped me put on for her. We had so much fun and didn't really play any games. We did get to design our own onesies for the baby though.... check them out!

I made this one for her, don't ask, it's just totally Tiffany! It was fun to get together with everyone, and to see all the great gifts that she almost makes me want one. Then there's this:
Which is still to fresh in my memory and I'm still trying to lose all the baby weight, so I think not!

Halloween (the REAL deal)

He lives! Proof that Colby really did come home! On the night of actual Halloween, we had Camden the cow and Cadynce a fairy Dora this time. She was able to change things up thanks to her new Dora dress up trunk.

Camden below in his "cowmooflouge" get it, cowmooflouge. Haha, I crack myself up!

We decided we can get away with one more year of just taking Cadynce to see all the important people. No door to doors yet. We went to Napa and saw nana and papa. 2 of Caca's most favorite people. We also went and saw the other G's, Aunt Sandie, the farm and to John and Lauren's house last. The kids were exhausted by the end of the night, but it was all in good fun!

As you can see the real Cadynce came out at John and Lauren's!

Catching up Part 2

I think it's easier to just do these as seperate blogs rather than one biiiiig long one, so sorry that you'll be reading it all backwards I guess. Maybe I will learn to be a "professional" blogger and correct all my errors. ha, yeah right!

Downtown trick or treating was really fun too. Sarah A (another saving grace) came with us for that. Downtown trick-or-treating consists of getting the kids all dressed up ahead of halloween but allowes them to get candy in a safe way, boosts some local business and is just an all around fun day! This is just a part of our big gang; we have from the back left to right, Rhonda holding Camden(the cow) and Conner(the monkey) held by momma Jessie. Katie in the front, then Cadynce( dancing Dora) cousin Alex (the witch) and Cole. A whole slew of us marched off through town, oh Camden on my back mind you.

As you can see Camden was not so interesting in the trick-or-treating and preferred a nap. What a sweet cow! We ended up with more candy then we need without even going on the actual "halloween" night yet. Oh well, I'll just take it to work and feed it to the guys. The afternoon of walking up and down mainstreet certainly wore out Cadynce too! Hooray for naps!

let's catch up

Wow, so we have a lot of catching up to do! So I'll back up quite a bit; all the way back to when Colby was gone hunting. Beings he's always gone the week before Halloween that always leaves a few things up to me. 1)the pumpkin patch. 2)halloween costumes and 3)downtown trick or treating. Lauren (my saving grace) came with us to the punkin patch, she did last year too! I think secretly she really likes to do it - I know I do. Last year we learned the hard way that you need to wear boots to the punkin patch, Cadynce definetly wore boots this year! We went to Smokey Point Plant Farm again, it's a great place for kids. They do hay rides and a train ride, have bouncy houses and their pumpkins are all picked and layed out so you can thoroughly inspect them before lugging them up into a wheelbarrow and paying for them. Here's us on the hay ride!

Cadynce sittin on a punkin! And, Lauren and Cadynce being silly! Thankfully it was a beautiful day. Last year it had rained so much it was just sort of yucky and Cadynce wouldn't have any part of the hay ride or train ride, she's 3 now though, so ya know...