Knudson Family Drama.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rhonda's book and other Christmas facts.

So sorry that I never even mentioned Christmas yet! Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed your families!! Colby and Cadynce had full and speedy recoveries from the flu (but Colby has a sinus infection now.) I finished Rhonda's scrapbook!! That was the most important thing for me on my to-do list. Even though there are some pictures from people that I didn't get yet, I did finish ALL the pictures that I had that I really wanted to get into the album. So it's sort of like the gift that keeps on giving I guess. I can just keep adding pages as I get the pictures to me. Maybe someday I'll get back to my own books as pleasing as it was to finish hers, I did sort of have this regret knowing that I could have done that many of my OWN pages, but the outcome was worth it. Here's a few of the pages, sorry the pictures are bad...I think the protective pages they are in reflects the light in a bad way for photos, but I didn't feel like taking them back out.

I don't have a lot of photos from Christmas yet, a few from my camera...but I will post some pictures when I get some from the rest of the family!

Caught "red handed"

Here I am trying to finish getting out some emails while Camden is playing around on the ground with toys...rattles, blocks, a really loud toy telephone. Eventually, you start to tune out those toy noises; but, when you stop hearing them it makes you stop and look around. As I look down to see if he's eating dog hair or pulling on some cord he's not supposed to or even found a marking pen, oooh no, not my son. He's found his dad's magazine. Mmhmmm, yep, caught red handed.

It keeps going and going

Colby and Cadynce started out building a snow fort, all the snow that fell made it pretty tall. When I went out with Cadynce to play we turned it into a snow heart. Take that Daddy! Colby also couldn't get her to make a snow angel - once again mommy prevails!! Our poor back deck really took a beating with all this heavy wet snow. As you can see we got quite a lot of snow. Thankfully we had no structural damage done on our house. Today when I was vacuuming up the tree remnants we did however lose the vacuum. Awww well, we've had it for five years - is that a good life for a vacuum?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

da snow da snow

This is from our slider on Wednesday night, Colby had scraped off the entire back porch only an hour before because the snow was so heavy. It was accumulating so fast, we loved it!! Our dish didn't like it so much - Colby made a trip out to wipe the snow off of it, woo hoo we were back in business! Lord knows we can't go without our t.v.. Speaking of t.v. anyone else out there have dish network? We lost channel 4 due to some contract disagreement, they better get it figured out before the next new episode of Grey's or they are going to have some maaad people!

snow days

This was just the beginning of our snow. As you can see, she spent more time eating it off her gloves then she did playing in it. I warned her about the yellow snow, although I don't think there actually is any in our front yard unless there is a wandering neighbor dog. YUCK! Colby and her built a fort and scraped all the snow from the yard to make it. Little did we know we would be getting plenty more snow to make a fort and a snow man too. Unfortunately the day the snow really dumped on us, Colby was recuperating from a bout of the stomach flu and Cadynce had just caught it. They played out the next few days though instead. We still have lots of snow around our house and we set a record low last night for Arlington at -2. Big December storm is supposedly on its way tonight as well....we shall see!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Kiddos

Real eyelashes.

I'm gonna eatcha.

Grandma told me she could see her name in lights from the time she was born.

Yes, he's very mobile now and has lots of teeth too!

Gingerbread House

I'm so far behind, I totally forgot to share with everyone our gingerbread house. It was a first time ever for Cadynce, and mostly a lot of fun. Minus the fact that she was so excited when we started she refused to stop and go to the bathroom; which, yes, resulted in a puddle of pee on my chair. Lovely. After getting that whole situation cleaned up we resumed our gingerbread house decorating. No, we didn't actually bake the gingerbread; we bought it in this great kit at Costco. We used to make them at work every year so it was fun to share that with Caca. We ended up with a masterpiece of a house...had a lot of fun...and a house that still smells like gingerbread. YUM!

Caca's side. Not too bad huh?

Big Girl Bed

Cadynce's new "big girl" bed.

This is Cadynce's Christmas present from her Nana and Papa (Colby's parents). She got it early because she was quickly outgrowing her little toddler bed. We never in a million years imagined that this was the kind of bed she would get, but it was special ordered in by a lady who changed her mind about it I guess. So they got a screaming deal. The bedding was also a gift, picked out by nana; I think she did a great job. Funny thing about it, she got the bedding at LNT, same place I got her curtains and they are the same brand and completely match. (the hot pink sheets and hot pink curtains). Anyways, just wanted to get some pictures up of the super cool new bed that I am totally envious of and that I have mentioned before. We are so thankful to Mike and Rhonda for this gift...she loves it. Not to mention it will carry her through for, well, forever almost.

p.s. the ladder is hiding so she doesn't keep climbing up and try to jump off. We don't need anymore owies around our house just yet.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face

Kids do the darndest things. Cadynce, after throwing a very uncommon large fit, went to bed. Typically, for her, shortly after going to bed she yells for either Colby or me and has to tell us a few things. Or tell us a "secret." It was my night. "Mom" - brief pause - "MOM" she says it short and to the point, it's not a drawn out mommmmy, just mom. Off I go, "What?" I needed to tell you a she tells me a secret, already I have forgotten; then we have to talk about all the things we have to do tomorrow. Okay, back to "sleep" and I'm back to doing last minute chores before I fall into a deeeep sleeeep (hopefully). "MOM" ugh, again! So here I go down the hall and Colby is laughing at her short, terse, "MOM." Again, I open the door and go in, "what?" Now Cadynce tells me a little about her day at Tina's ( daycare ) and says next time she doesn't want Gavin to shoot her (great, okay thanks for sharing) and that she hurts here, here, here and here. And her tummy hurts. I'm thinking okay great, does this mean she's getting sick (she's had a cold) or is it just another excuse to talk or possibly get out of bed. Fine, I ask, "do you need to go poop?" She perks right up, and of course she does, with a sly smile on her face. I tell her to wipe that smile off her face right now, this is not a game, and she better get in the bathroom and go. Immediately she sits up and puts her hand on her lips and wipes ( the smile get it?) no more smile and off she goes to the bathroom. I turn on the light and she stands there, I tell her to sit on the toilet and hurry up. So she sits on the toilet (pants on lid down) SERIOUSLY?! seriously. "Cadynce, quit screwing around." Okay mommy. So anyways, she goes number one, not two; gets back in bed all tucked in. I havn't heard another word since.... I'm telling you it was all just a ploy to get out of bed.