Knudson Family Drama.

Monday, August 30, 2010

part 3.

my little girl is not so little anymore.

park cont'd. part 2 of 3

it is so much fun for me to watch my family playing happily together. i am so blessed with them. and to be able to capture these moments on amazing. these pictures will be treasured forever.

playing at the park (in pictures) part 1 of 3

the girl loves her dog

all boy

does this need words?

my pretty girl

Friday, August 27, 2010

while the kids are napping..

I guess I should try and post something. I've been in a bit of a rut lately. Sad for lots of reasons, stressed for even more reasons and crazy busy. Between work, getting Cadynce ready for school, swim lessons, weddings and camping things have been go - go - go!

Last night I was thinking of some of the really funny things that have happened to share with you all:

  • Cadynce asked our friends son, Skylar (12) if he would play with her (he had been just prior) and he said, "no, not right now Cadynce." Her response. "Skylar, let me tell you how this works, I'm going to ask you again and say pretty please, and then you're going to say yes." * where does she get this from!? hilarious, right?
  • Colby and I recently started a new work out called p90x and we had to take "before" pictures. There are 4 poses we did, forward facing hands on hips, forward facing arms up all muscly like, same as before from the back and then the side. Colby takes my picture and instantly says, "you don't wanna look at those." haha... gee thanks babe!
  • While down at the river at our friends house we were all swimming and Camden was playing in the sand area where it just meets the water (he's not big into swimming or being in the water this summer). Camden was naked and slinging mud...Stacie just happened to capture this:

On the not so funny side of things: Camden has had double ear infections, strep throat and tonsillitis while Cadynce has managed to escape all these for the most part. Work has been really stressful and as most of you know us and our situation - it makes home a little hard too. But we're doing our best to make things work and to keep work and home separate.
What has summer been like for all of you?

Monday, August 16, 2010


We (as in me and Colby) started p90x, an intense home workout. We are on day 7. Rest day! YEAH! It's tough, but so far we are really liking it. The bad part, the before photos. Ick. So, we won't dwell on those. We've been realllly sore, in a good way. It's nice because everyday the routine changes up.

Also, it's been some kind of heat wave around here, super duper hot. The kids are miserable by about 4 in the afternoon, if we don't have them in a pool or something. Today we are going to go to the river...gotta beat the heat somehow!

Yesterday was the kids' cousin Ryley's 3rd birthday party, it was at Grandma Cleone's. It worked out really well, Ryley's momma brought water balloons and we brought our slipnslide and a little the kiddos just hung out in there for hours.

Time to go close up the house before it starts getting too hot again...stay cool folks!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I've decided there are some things I need/want to work on for myself. They are all regarding me...and I feel like if I put them out there, then I'll be held more accountable about actually doing them. I've been really unhappy lately, with myself, and in turn, I take it out on everyone else (okay, mostly Colby.)
  • I want to lose weight and be fit. Really really really.
  • I want to eat healthier.
  • I want to involve my family more.
  • I need to take the time to do more with my family.
  • I need to be more patient.
  • I want to have a better self esteem.
  • I want to take more pictures and get back into scrap booking.
There's more....but I think now that I'm putting them out there, I'm having some sort of block on the whole process.
So here's to becoming a better me.