Knudson Family Drama.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hot Chocolate

This morning I ran (or drove rather) to Starbucks and got a mocha, I decided Cadynce had been being very good lately so I got her a hot chocolate. As we got home Cadynce started asking, "can you get me out first?" I told her no, that I'd get Cam out and then her. This has been a battle, she's always wanting to be first (don't know where that competitiveness comes from.) and so we've been working on that and patience. Since she'll be starting Kindergarten next year and all. OK, on with the story...I get everybody in the house and settled. Cadynce at the table with her hot chocolate and a gigantic napkin and have lectured her profusely about spilling it on her shirt. Can't tell you how many shirts we've lots to hot chocolate stains around her. Cadynce has a few sips and gets down to play with Camden. They were on the floor playing with the tools so I decided to grab a load of laundry and get that going; taking advantage of the moment since Camden has been so clingy the last few days. I walk back into the living room, there is Cadynce playing with the tools, but no Cam. "Camden, where are you?" "jabber jabber jabber" Fear washes over me and I knew before I could see him... he's sitting at the kitchen table perfectly content like a big boy in a hugemongous chair holding sister's hot chocolate and drinking it. Well, trying to. He definitely got some, but a large portion of it was poured all over his new shirt and soaking into his pants. In the moment, I was so angry; stripped his clothes off of him cleaned him up, lectured Cadynce about watching her brother (because she's 4 and it's her responsibility right? ha.) After fighting with the spray'n'wash and sending his clothes thru the wash on the stain cycle, I'm now laughing about the incident. He was so cute sitting there, and he thought he was so cool drinking out of her mini mocha cup.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I always think that things are going to start slowing down - ha, they never do. Between work, kids, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc I swear there is never an extra second. The past few weeks I did get to do a couple super fun things outside of the norm. I got to help celebrate Carly's 21st birthday! Woohoo Happy Birthday to her! And theeeeeeeeeeeen, I got to go to the P!nk concert with Carly, Jamey and her friend! It was maybe one of the best concerts I've ever EVER been to. Really, it was wayyy up there!
Kids are doing fine...well except for some colds. Bummer. Rhonda is hanging in there. Got a feeding tube last week, fluid drained off her lung and was supposed to start radiation last Friday, but was hurting too badly and canceled her appointment. None of us were happy about that. We all went on "family dentist day" and Cadynce of course had an awesome report, me not so much, have a cavity. And one of Colby's fillings has fallen apart. Darn. Had a physical yesterday, I'm fine. So, life is fine. I think. Oh, and I got my haircut!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Testing strength

There are days (or moments) that truly test ones strength. With Rhonda being sick those moments are coming more and more frequently. I'm in a tough situation. I have to be strong for my husband, my children, our family and for the employees. Although being strong comes on so many different levels, cancer really tests each level, tries to break you when you're least expecting of the toughest things for me lately is trying to keep my tears in check. Mike stopped by tonight and it breaks my heart to see him so warn out; he's such an amazing man, and to be trying to keep Rhonda comfortable or busy enough to ignore the nausea or pain 24-7 has got to be hard. He sat in the recliner for 1/2 an hour with both my kids curled up in his lap, fresh out of the bath and ready for bed, just loving on them. He was saying how Rhonda had such a bad weekend and her arm is hurting her so bad that the meds aren't even helping. In all my years of knowing Rhonda only just now has she resorted to the pain meds. I can't imagine dealing with it day in and day out without them, only to finally give in and have them not help. Tonight was a truly testing moment, no tears, for my husband, my kids, and for Mike.
I made it through, just like I always do. But I can't help but wonder, when do I get to cry? When do I get to have my moment to let it all out? Who's strength will I be testing when I do?

Bowling Birthday

Getting back to all the festivities from Cadynce's birthday...we went bowling! Rocket Alley, the bowling alley in Arlington, was celebrating a grand opening and we swooped in and took advantage of that! We had everyone come, kids, family, and friends and whoever wanted could bowl. We had a ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, which was pretty good other than they screwed up and did white cake instead of chocolate cake. :( Here are a few pictures from the evening. Oh, we packed the place out and broke the new owner in good. Once again, Cadynce was spoiled rotten by all of our family and friends and she got really great gifts! Thank you all!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

More from Lo-Lopez

So while we were on Lo-Lopez we got to "enjoy" the 4th of July festivities; anyone true Lopezian knows just how crazy Lopez gets on the 4th. We sat in town with Kira and co. however, the parade takes a loooong time to get to town. It was hot hot hot, so I ventured into the LVM to buy a box of Popsicles. It was pretty funny, I had to find some more people to eat them besides us because they were melting super fast. We killed some time by walking up through the booths, Caca and Lexi both got their faces painted.

And here is one of Kira and Caca waiting for the parade. I swear my kid gets so sick of me taking her picture, I'm like her own little paparazzi. Really she loves Kira and she did have a great time watching the parade and trying to collect candy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Some more beach pics for your viewing pleasure:

We really enjoyed the beach while we were on Lopez. One of my favorite things is that we can go to the beach 5 times a day and it doesn't matter; we don't have to load everything up and drive somewhere, we can just walk out the front door. It is so convenient, uncrowded and beautiful. Everytime we are there, it gets harder to leave. Cadynce is always asking when we are going to be going back to Lo-lopez before we even get to the ferry landing.

beach pics

Dad's front yard on Lopez was the perfect place for Cadynce to get the hang of driving her new jeep.

And the suuuuuuuuuuuper long driveway back to grandma's house even Cam got a ride. Every time she'd stop he'd cry though because he knew when she gassed it his head was going to hit the roll bar.

She's a water baby just like me!
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Cam was too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


looks like time has gotten away from me this summer. Life's been crazy... neverfear, I have lots of pictures and stories to share with you. I'll try for tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams...