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Sunday, February 13, 2011


I was looking at the blog and saw how much stuff I HADN'T posted since last fall. I saw that I kept saying, "more pics to come" or "I'll catch you all up soon" this time, I'm really working on it. So you're going to see some ooooold stuff in with the new stuff.
Jose Del Cabo, or Los Cabos, Mexico in October 2010. Mike, Ryan, Kelli, Colby and I enjoyed the sun, sand, and ocean for a few days. I've been able to enjoy a lot of trips thanks to Mike and Rhonda. (and napa for putting together the owner trips I guess)

This is from our day of bar hopping in Cabo San Lucas, which was about a 20 minute drive from where we actually stayed in Jose Del Cabo. We went to Squid Row, Cabo Wabo...and honestly, I can't remember the names of all the other little bars we went into.

A few years ago, when we all went to Puerto Rico, the boys tried to go fishing, no - they went fishing, but all Colby did was feed the fish. That may have been partly due to the fact that everyone had had too much fun the night before, but regardless, that made him really skeptical to go on this trip in Mexico. I felt bad for bullying him into it, but in the end, he was so glad he went and so was I. The guys caught about 12 tunas or so and I think 2 dorado. The fish got cleaned up and we packed them into a cooler and actually brought it home with us. Another awesome adventure for the books.

How about this beautiful beach?

Kelli and I on our horseback riding adventure. She nearly died of dehydration. LOL. The ride was 2 and half hours, in the friggin' hot sun.

This picture of the guys makes me happy. I love the seeing them all so happy together. We really missed Rhonda on this trip, but I'm sure she was there with us...

Colby and I getting ready to go snorkeling. (note to self - get those underwater pictures developed. oops, it's only been a few months right?!) Mike was with us on the catamaran trip - we were all supposed to go, but Kelli had a nasty cold and that combined with the air conditioning was making her sick every night. It took her a few hours out in the fresh air to feel better each day . . .

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