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Saturday, February 6, 2010

children's follow-up

We went to Children's on the 29th of January to have a follow up appt with the specialist. We came away feeling much better about the whole situation with Camden. His growth hormone level isn't actually low, those numbers came from blood taken during an "episode" and he was above the bad zone, on some sliding scale I'm assuming. Dr. Badaru thinks that he has an immature endocrine system and that he should outgrow it by 5 years old. Translation: we eat food for fuel, when you or I don't have fuel, our bodies burn fat...his does one of two things. 1)doesn't burn fat at all or 2) burns it too fast to keep up with his super high metabolism. Basically we just have to keep doing what we're doing. Feed the monster every few hours and make sure he gets a high protein snack before bed. Not saying the low blood sugar wont happen again, just hoping it doesn't. We have to continue to check his blood sugar three mornings a week, and if he gets sick (like now) twice a day. Since when they are sick they tend to eat/drink less... thus making him at a higher risk for low blood sugar. Get it?
Oh, on the plus side, when we went to Children's in June, he was in the 50% for weight and height. And now, the 75th for both!

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mrs. jcd said...

So glad everything will right itself!