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Monday, February 8, 2010

Please Support Me

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s that time of year again...and I’ve taken on even more than last year. Not only am I participating in the Susan G Komen 5K on June 6th, I’m also captain of a Relay For Life team. Relay for Life will be June 4th and 5th at Arlington High School.

I know it’s been a tough couple of years for everyone financially, but I’m counting on your continued support...

No worries though friends; I may be participating in 2 events, but I’m merely asking for double your time, not money. I’m hoping you can take the time to put half of your donation towards each event. Even if it’s only five dollars; $2.50 to each cause is such a huge help. You all know how important finding a cure is

Here is the link to my Relay for Life page:

Here is the link to my Susan G Komen Race for the Cure page:

A Week in the Life of the ACS in Washington:
-247 state residents receive cancer patient related information or services from the ACS
-10 visits are made to breast cancer patients by one of our Reach to Recovery Volunteers
-36 trips transporting cancer patients to treatment are provided by ACS Road to Recovery volunteers and other transportation programs
-30 gift items such as turbans, prosthesis, or durable medical equipment are provided to cancer patients living in our state
-26 wigs are provided to residents in our state

Susan G Komen facts:
- 1 in 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer
- the key to survival is early detection. 3 simple steps are yearly mammograms, clinical exams, and self exams.
- In 2007, thanks to a research grant from Susan G Komen scientists identified a set of 50 genes that oncologists can potentially use to tailor individualized treatments for all breast cancer patients.

Thank you for your support
Someday there will be a cure

Xoxo Tisha

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