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Monday, January 18, 2010


It's official, we've started The Biggest Loser at work again. Our first official weigh in was on the 4th of January. We all paid 10 bucks just like last time, and we all weigh in every Monday. If you gain, you pay --- a dollar a pound! Week 1, I lost a pound and the same in week 2. I really was bummed out about my 1 pound weeks. I know a loss is a loss and I'm probably gaining muscle, because I'm now a Zumba freak! But still, it's so very hard when your husband is pulling 6's!
One of the many pros is that we have made some major changes around the house with eating. We're back to 100% whole wheat just about everything, and we eat much more balanced meals, which means the kids eat more balanced meals. We drink coffee from home, make lunch to take to work, bring snacks from home and then cook a lovely dinner at home. Saving money -- major bonus! One of our big New Year's Resolutions was to pay off a major part of our bills, but then we found out we were going to Cancun for Phil and Hailey's wedding in August, so that changed things up.
Looking forward to sharing our weight loss journey with you all, and how all these changes will make us healthier happier people! Plus, I'm hoping to look smokin hot in a bikini. :)

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