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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Being Thankful.

These past few years I have realized there are so many things to be thankful for, so many little things that we typically take for granted. Modern medicine for one: it has given Rhonda an additional 8 years (so far) and more to come I'm sure. Tiffany delivered a healthy baby girl on Thanksgiving despite having high blood pressure. My son has had a cold, been teething, and had a fever for a few days, Tylenol has helped keep it down. While it doesn't always work in ways we want it to and sometimes it does fail us, more often than not it's almost like witnessing a miracle. I'm thankful for the time I have at home with my children even when the little one is sick and clingy and Cadynce is running rampant through the house yelling "com'ere monkey moo, come on." I'm thankful for my dvr so I don't have to watch commercials during shows and I don't have to stay up late to see Grey's.
My friends, I'm thankful for them in more ways then I can even begin to explain. My family, I'm so grateful for them...and I do mean Colby's family in there as well because they are mine too. There are times when things are trying; for example my mother (lulu) she drives me craaazy. More so than my kids and in a completely different way. She is so frustrating and I just wish that she could grow up, however I know that is not ever going to change, she is who she is. Oops, got sidetracked, sorry, she called the day before Thanksgiving and wanted to know when we were coming over. She knows I wont take my kids to her house (its a pig pen) and it was the day before for heaven sakes. After explaining to her we have plans she is of course, upset, and nothing I can say or do will change this. Anyways, I'm thankful that somewhere along the way I have learned right from wrong and that I know that there are things out of my control, circumstances that I can not change, and things that are not my fault. Sometimes I just wish that other people could see that side too.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to enjoy their families!

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