Knudson Family Drama.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face

Kids do the darndest things. Cadynce, after throwing a very uncommon large fit, went to bed. Typically, for her, shortly after going to bed she yells for either Colby or me and has to tell us a few things. Or tell us a "secret." It was my night. "Mom" - brief pause - "MOM" she says it short and to the point, it's not a drawn out mommmmy, just mom. Off I go, "What?" I needed to tell you a she tells me a secret, already I have forgotten; then we have to talk about all the things we have to do tomorrow. Okay, back to "sleep" and I'm back to doing last minute chores before I fall into a deeeep sleeeep (hopefully). "MOM" ugh, again! So here I go down the hall and Colby is laughing at her short, terse, "MOM." Again, I open the door and go in, "what?" Now Cadynce tells me a little about her day at Tina's ( daycare ) and says next time she doesn't want Gavin to shoot her (great, okay thanks for sharing) and that she hurts here, here, here and here. And her tummy hurts. I'm thinking okay great, does this mean she's getting sick (she's had a cold) or is it just another excuse to talk or possibly get out of bed. Fine, I ask, "do you need to go poop?" She perks right up, and of course she does, with a sly smile on her face. I tell her to wipe that smile off her face right now, this is not a game, and she better get in the bathroom and go. Immediately she sits up and puts her hand on her lips and wipes ( the smile get it?) no more smile and off she goes to the bathroom. I turn on the light and she stands there, I tell her to sit on the toilet and hurry up. So she sits on the toilet (pants on lid down) SERIOUSLY?! seriously. "Cadynce, quit screwing around." Okay mommy. So anyways, she goes number one, not two; gets back in bed all tucked in. I havn't heard another word since.... I'm telling you it was all just a ploy to get out of bed.

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