Knudson Family Drama.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Catching up Part 2

I think it's easier to just do these as seperate blogs rather than one biiiiig long one, so sorry that you'll be reading it all backwards I guess. Maybe I will learn to be a "professional" blogger and correct all my errors. ha, yeah right!

Downtown trick or treating was really fun too. Sarah A (another saving grace) came with us for that. Downtown trick-or-treating consists of getting the kids all dressed up ahead of halloween but allowes them to get candy in a safe way, boosts some local business and is just an all around fun day! This is just a part of our big gang; we have from the back left to right, Rhonda holding Camden(the cow) and Conner(the monkey) held by momma Jessie. Katie in the front, then Cadynce( dancing Dora) cousin Alex (the witch) and Cole. A whole slew of us marched off through town, oh Camden on my back mind you.

As you can see Camden was not so interesting in the trick-or-treating and preferred a nap. What a sweet cow! We ended up with more candy then we need without even going on the actual "halloween" night yet. Oh well, I'll just take it to work and feed it to the guys. The afternoon of walking up and down mainstreet certainly wore out Cadynce too! Hooray for naps!

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