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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Cadynce's new "big girl" bed.

This is Cadynce's Christmas present from her Nana and Papa (Colby's parents). She got it early because she was quickly outgrowing her little toddler bed. We never in a million years imagined that this was the kind of bed she would get, but it was special ordered in by a lady who changed her mind about it I guess. So they got a screaming deal. The bedding was also a gift, picked out by nana; I think she did a great job. Funny thing about it, she got the bedding at LNT, same place I got her curtains and they are the same brand and completely match. (the hot pink sheets and hot pink curtains). Anyways, just wanted to get some pictures up of the super cool new bed that I am totally envious of and that I have mentioned before. We are so thankful to Mike and Rhonda for this gift...she loves it. Not to mention it will carry her through for, well, forever almost.

p.s. the ladder is hiding so she doesn't keep climbing up and try to jump off. We don't need anymore owies around our house just yet.

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