Knudson Family Drama.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread House

I'm so far behind, I totally forgot to share with everyone our gingerbread house. It was a first time ever for Cadynce, and mostly a lot of fun. Minus the fact that she was so excited when we started she refused to stop and go to the bathroom; which, yes, resulted in a puddle of pee on my chair. Lovely. After getting that whole situation cleaned up we resumed our gingerbread house decorating. No, we didn't actually bake the gingerbread; we bought it in this great kit at Costco. We used to make them at work every year so it was fun to share that with Caca. We ended up with a masterpiece of a house...had a lot of fun...and a house that still smells like gingerbread. YUM!

Caca's side. Not too bad huh?

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