Knudson Family Drama.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

snow days

This was just the beginning of our snow. As you can see, she spent more time eating it off her gloves then she did playing in it. I warned her about the yellow snow, although I don't think there actually is any in our front yard unless there is a wandering neighbor dog. YUCK! Colby and her built a fort and scraped all the snow from the yard to make it. Little did we know we would be getting plenty more snow to make a fort and a snow man too. Unfortunately the day the snow really dumped on us, Colby was recuperating from a bout of the stomach flu and Cadynce had just caught it. They played out the next few days though instead. We still have lots of snow around our house and we set a record low last night for Arlington at -2. Big December storm is supposedly on its way tonight as well....we shall see!!!

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