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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bite Me (as taken from my Facebook status)

Or actually it said: Bite me, World. Go pick on someone your own size. And that is exactly how I feel. I'm so frustrated, sad, hurt.. oh I could go on. My world feels like it's in shambles, but what's funny is that none of it is directly happening to me.
Tomorrow (July 29Th) is/would be Rhonda's Birthday. These last few weeks have really gotten to me about that. There is the annual Silvana Fair that she's been a part of forever. This year they are dedicating the fair to her and all these people are putting pictures up. A good friend of Mike and Rhonda's brought in all the pictures last week and I totally broke down when she showed me them. In turn, I feel guilty when I get sad about her... especially in front of the boys, or Mike. Like it's not for me to be sad over, even though I know it isn't true... I just don't want to burden them with that too.
To make matters worse, little Shawn, remember him from here, has came out of remission. We found out on Friday that his cancer has returned and that his numbers make the chances of curing him look "not good."
Our good friends Justin and Lacey Knowles' son Kelan has also been fighting cancer, and I can't remember if I've mentioned him or not...he has been battling a few months. We got discouraging news today that his tumor has grown despite the chemotherapy. He will begin chemo again on Friday for 2 rounds, then a CT and probably surgery to remove some of the tumor.
Don't get me wrong here people, at least regarding these 2 amazing little boys, I have faith, and I have hope...and I pray that they will be cured. But I do seem to have a tendency to doubt the higher ups during moments like these because it is so ridiculously unfair that anyone should have to go through all of this, let alone 2
little boys who havn't even begun to live their lives.
I guess, there's my rant for the day. Sorry I can't seem to conjure up something happy or mood lifting for you all...

Shawn at Easter

Me and Kelan, his first weekend at Children's Hospital.

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