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Friday, July 23, 2010


Hello folks...
Seems like summer is so crazy for everyone, but I know, that's now excuse for not blogging. I really can't remember when I have had such horrible allergies. My kids are being affected by it, but that's not too weird, they've always had allergies. Me, not so much. This year has been rough on me... I'm not used to getting sick and so far this year, I've had strep throat and a sinus infection. Oh, and guess what I still have my sinus infection, after a quick trip to the doc this morning I also have allergies. Aaaaaand a uti. TMI? Sorry.
Luckily, I can be on one antibiotic for 10 days that will hopefully get rid of both. Sinus infection once and for all. I'm also going to try some allergy medicine that the doc gave me as a sample! That was nice, and I'm really hoping that this all works and I'll be back to new before I know it!
Our summer is jampacked from here on out......maybe tonight I'll get my sh*t together and post some of the pics you've all been missing out on...

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