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Saturday, July 3, 2010

better. sort of.

I have now finished my five days of antibiotics, but only two days into them, decided that Camden needed to head in because his eyes have been looking pretty icky. We now have our first ever case of pink-eye in the house. I've always heard it's reallllly contagious, but somehow we've all escaped it. Not sure who's at work with that, but thank you whoever you are!
Yesterday we went to Ron and Stacie's house for a BBQ. Our kids always love it because they live on a huge farm and have lots of room for running around and playing. Colby headed down to the river with Skylar (their son) and went fishing for a bit...Kali (their daughter) is crazy and played in the pool for hours while me and Stac got dinner going. We had a nice little fire and everyone had lots of fun. Colby and the kids played baseball for a little bit and our kids climbed into their trailer and watched Cars and Shark Tale. It was really nice to have a laid back evening and visit with friends as a family. This is something we need to work on doing more often. Tonight we're going to papa's house to try out his new fire pit and have dinner with him. We're going to have s'mores and probably even spend the night! My kiddos are still exhausted and turning brown from the little bit of summer sun we've had. Time to soak it up while we can!
Hope you all have a Happy 4Th!

p.s. it's weird to not be on Lopez this year, we did really enjoy our week up there last summer. plus, it's my ten year reunion...oh well, there's always the twenty right?

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