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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July.

Ours was definitely different than usual. Because of our busy schedule we didn't go to Lopez, which in the long run, ended up being a good thing. Friday night we enjoyed a BBQ at our friends house and kept the kids up way to late, but they had so much fun. Saturday night we went to papa's house and tested out his new fire pit. It works great. Camden had his first s'more and we all had a sleepover. Camden woke up a few times in the night, but we didn't think anything of it because it's the first time in a long time he's slept in a crib at Papa's house. (usually he sleeps with papa)
*here's where the story gets good.
We decided to go to family breakfast at the Steak House in town on Sunday morning. My kids are big breakfast eaters so they ate a bowl of cereal at Papa's when they got up... we don't get breakfast til about 11 usually anyhow, so it's more like lunch. Anyways, we get our food ordered and are readily enjoying it. Camden was hoovering down his pancake, a little too quickly, chugging water, and hoovering some more. Yep, you guessed it, he started to choke on a piece, which turned to gagging, which turned to, yep... barf. In a restaurant at the table. OH - EM- GEE! This really is one of my worst nightmares. I hate barf, hate hate HATE barf. More than the average person. ICK! But I held it together, Colby took him outside for some air, all the while Camden was screaming cause he wanted to finish his food and I cleaned up barf off the floor. EWWWWW! Luckily it was nothing more than a case of eating too fast. Colby took Camden home and I ran over and snagged a delivery car from work and parked it in a good spot for the parade and had Grandma Cleone run me home. Cadynce went home with Papa to enjoy the afternoon with some one-on-one time. I walk in the door and realize somewhere along the way I've lost Cam's blankey. Great. Thank goodness I called the Steak House and one of the ladies found it outside. Colby went to pick it up and switch out his truck for the delivery car.
Enter nap time. Camden goes down, but then poops, so Colby gets him and changes him. He still won't go to sleep and begins freaking out. We tried all the stops and after a few minutes I realized he was really messing with his ear. Our normal doctors office was closed, the ten minute walk in clinic was closed and so our only option was the ER. We headed up to the hospital hoping to beat all the normal 4th of July injuries and we did. Got in and out in no time at all. However, Camden has double ear infections, bad and worse. So bad, they even gave him Vicoden and a prescription for it too! Whoa!
He got in a little nap, and Colby and him met me and Cadynce down in town for the parade. After that we went to John and Lauren's to celebrate John's birthday and play with fireworks. We were home by 8:30 with kids in bed shortly after. Cadynce ended up in our bed about 9:15 or so because all the booms were scaring her. Camden was out cold until about midnight when he joined us...

Happy Independence Day! Hope you all enjoyed a less eventful holiday than we did!

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