Knudson Family Drama.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hot Chocolate

This morning I ran (or drove rather) to Starbucks and got a mocha, I decided Cadynce had been being very good lately so I got her a hot chocolate. As we got home Cadynce started asking, "can you get me out first?" I told her no, that I'd get Cam out and then her. This has been a battle, she's always wanting to be first (don't know where that competitiveness comes from.) and so we've been working on that and patience. Since she'll be starting Kindergarten next year and all. OK, on with the story...I get everybody in the house and settled. Cadynce at the table with her hot chocolate and a gigantic napkin and have lectured her profusely about spilling it on her shirt. Can't tell you how many shirts we've lots to hot chocolate stains around her. Cadynce has a few sips and gets down to play with Camden. They were on the floor playing with the tools so I decided to grab a load of laundry and get that going; taking advantage of the moment since Camden has been so clingy the last few days. I walk back into the living room, there is Cadynce playing with the tools, but no Cam. "Camden, where are you?" "jabber jabber jabber" Fear washes over me and I knew before I could see him... he's sitting at the kitchen table perfectly content like a big boy in a hugemongous chair holding sister's hot chocolate and drinking it. Well, trying to. He definitely got some, but a large portion of it was poured all over his new shirt and soaking into his pants. In the moment, I was so angry; stripped his clothes off of him cleaned him up, lectured Cadynce about watching her brother (because she's 4 and it's her responsibility right? ha.) After fighting with the spray'n'wash and sending his clothes thru the wash on the stain cycle, I'm now laughing about the incident. He was so cute sitting there, and he thought he was so cool drinking out of her mini mocha cup.

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