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Saturday, September 5, 2009

More from Lo-Lopez

So while we were on Lo-Lopez we got to "enjoy" the 4th of July festivities; anyone true Lopezian knows just how crazy Lopez gets on the 4th. We sat in town with Kira and co. however, the parade takes a loooong time to get to town. It was hot hot hot, so I ventured into the LVM to buy a box of Popsicles. It was pretty funny, I had to find some more people to eat them besides us because they were melting super fast. We killed some time by walking up through the booths, Caca and Lexi both got their faces painted.

And here is one of Kira and Caca waiting for the parade. I swear my kid gets so sick of me taking her picture, I'm like her own little paparazzi. Really she loves Kira and she did have a great time watching the parade and trying to collect candy!

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