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Saturday, October 3, 2009

October already?!

I can't believe it's October already! I'm so far behind on posting pictures and telling you all stories... maybe I'll slowly put them all in here. Anyhoo, exciting news that I can't remember if I shared:

- I got a new camera! And I'm taking a photography class this month with my friend Sarah(who also got a new camera!)
- October means punkin patch time! And since Colby isn't going hunting for 10 days at a time this year, I won't have to go by myself!
- Adorable children in adorable costumes!
- Rhonda started radiation. Lost NO weight last week, aaaaand got the analysis back from the fluid that was on her lungs and it was NOT cancer!
- Colby and I are going on a short little cruise this weekend to Canada. Leaving Friday and docking early Monday morning!
- One of my "other" Sarahs is about to have her baby ANYDAY! (I'm praying she waits til we get home!)
- My friend Shannon found out she's adding a little girl to her family! She'll have one of each now!
- Her sister Renee (also my friend) just found out she's pregnant!
- Camden is spitting out more and more words everyday and starting to put some of them together such as: "cracka peeeeees" = cracker please and he constantly says "ma ma" and I say, "what Cam?" to be followed by gibberish and a nodding head from Cam as if to say, "you picking up what I'm laying down?"
- Cadynce has been complacently doing "homework" (pages in a kindergarten workbook I got) and doing very well!
- Beautiful colors to take pictures of!

Lots of happiness!

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