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Friday, July 10, 2009

So Tired

I have so many pictures to post and so many things to write about, but I'm just to darn tired. My little man refuses to sleep in his own bed these days. We were so blessed with Cadynce, she was a good sleeper from the get go. Cam not so much. He really hasn't slept through the night consistently, EVER. He was just starting to do a whole lot better before we had the "episode" which left us paranoid and him wakeful. And he started sleeping in our bed most of the time. After swearing we'd never do it, we have a little boy who sleeps sideways in our bed and most of the time directly on top of me. Nighttime is especially rough, it's just been getting worse and worse. It went from him getting up around 4 am to 2 am and now he's up by 9:15 (not even an hour in bed). We've tried going in and rocking him back to sleep and putting him back to bed, he's always back up in 1/2 hour or so...and we just can't keep up with that all night long. We've tried letting him cry himself back to sleep and that doesn't work either, by the hour mark neither Colby or I seem to be able to stand it. Ultimately due to exhaustion he always ends up back in our bed where we all at least get a little sleep. UGH! Now things are getting more serious though, he won't even NAP in his crib. So, today, I decided, it's on. Crying it out worked for Cadynce and I'm out of options with him. Today is day 1. He fell asleep on the floor at 12:30 I picked him up and put him down in his crib, he woke screaming. Picked him up, put him back to sleep, laid him down, more screaming. Tried standing and patting his back, haha what a joke. At this point, I decided he could cry himself to sleep. At 52 minutes and almost a mental breakdown he was asleep. Half an hour later he was fussing again, this time for a few minutes, back to sleep for five or so and fussing again. He's back to sleep again now, and I'm hoping he at least feels a little bit rested after this so he isn't too cranky tonight. I've made up my mind and there is no backing down now, he's gonna cry it out until he gets used to it. It's miserable for all involved, breaks my heart, and I can't stand it... but what else is there to do? What has anyone else done? What's worked and hasn't worked?

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Riesa said...

Oh Tisha!!
Been there, although years ago. We would do as you are, make sure he's ok then put on the ear protectors like you wear at the shooting range and go to sleep. Steve and I both had a pair on the headboard. It was the only way we got any sleep until Scott was 3. He also was not into the naps. Good Luck. Love you!! Riesa