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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Her "real" birthday

On Cadynce's actual birthday, we really didn't do anything - it was a typical Thursday for us. The kids went to daycare and we went to work, we picked them up, we came home, cooked dinner, relaxed. John and Lauren came over and brought a gift for Cadynce so she opened ours while they were here too. Nana and Papa called and we went for ice cream (one of Cadynce's most favorite things to do). We all went.

Gee, you think these kids love their Papa or what?

Like I said, she loooves her ice cream.

Everyone says she looks like Rhonda so much.

And the little man with his Nana.

So Cadynce got this really cool Barbie doll that she can fix the hair on. Yeah, it's not mine! And even better, my favorite gift is a chore chart. It has magnets that say the chores/things to do (everything from cleaning room to being nice) and magnets that are like rewards that they get to put under each completed item for each day. It's really great even for a 4 year old because of the things like being nice, no hitting, brushing teeth...all things we try and work on every day.

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