Knudson Family Drama.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the bloody nose

Funny, but true story you're about to hear. On Cadynce's birthday we were headed to Baskin Robins when I turn and look at her in her car seat. She's picking her nose. I say, "Cadynce that is so gross, what are you doing?" (As if I can't see.) "Are you picking your nose?" Cadynce answers totally nonchalant, "yeah, mom I got a booger." Colby and I both are laughing pretty hard now, so I turn to her and ask if I can take her picture. She says, while shrugging her shoulders and a tilt of her head, "yeah."

Anyhoo, you know about us going and getting ice cream - well not long after we got home, guess who got a bloody nose. Yep, Cadynce.

Ice cream = dirty face.

As you can see, having the tissue hanging out of her nose, didn't really phase her at all. It was so hilarious to see her wandering around the house, playing, with a tissue just hanging there.

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