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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reality Check.

My life is a bit of a roller coaster, most of you close to me will know that. I think most people's lives ARE, whether they are willing to admit it or not. Something most of you don't know about a woman in my life is that she is amazing. I'm talking about Rhonda(also, my biggest loop-de-loop in said roller coaster). She shields us day to day from her pain and suffering from her battle with cancer. For the most part we go along with her efforts and let her think she's doing a really good job. She comes to work, plays with her grand babies, and tries to carry on with life as if nothing is wrong. I know when she is having bad days and trust me I've seen the really bad days. We've been there when she's sick, taken her to the hospital and visited her there. It's just the way her life is; it's unfair, and it sucks, but it is. Some people may say we're living on stolen time, since she was diagnosed with "stage 4" breast cancer(terminal) about 4 years ago; that could be wrong, I've lost track of time. Stolen or not, I'm taking every second of it. For those with cancer knowledge Rhonda has 2 types of breast cancer, hormone receptive and non-hormone receptive; meaning, they are treated with different types of chemo. On the chemo she was on a while ago she had some soft tissue sarcomas start popping up and so they switched her to a different chemo. That treatment wasn't working, so she's on a derivative now. When she started she had a lump the size of a golf ball on her chest (yes i felt and saw it) NOW that piece of crap lump is the size of a softball. This awful toxin she is taking in now made her hair fall out and it didn't work! Not to mention it makes her feel like crap. She had to have an "emergency" pet scan today, why they call it an emergency pet scan, beats me because they never give you any results until a few days later. We've definitely had our dose of reality checks lately. We had a bowling birthday party for Cadynce on Tuesday night, Rhonda actually was feeling so badly that she left and went home about half an hour in... I've never seen her do that.

Camden rubs nana's head every time he sees her. It's their "thing." It is so precious to see his tiny hands rubbing her bald head - it breaks my heart. Cadynce does it too, but mostly just because her brother does.

Well, there's your reality check about how much life sucks and how unfair it is.

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