Knudson Family Drama.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Camden is finally starting to have a better time of being 1, a little bit anyways. He's not quite so cranky anymore although he is fighting off his sister's cold ( me too.)
Cadynce has some major attitude.. hopefully the sun being out and getting to burn off some energy OUTSIDE will help.
Today I got new running shoes and laid in the sunshine on the back porch while my kids were napping. Having to do so without getting any tan lines due to a fantastic dress I will be wearing in the end of August at Kelly and Travis's wedding. Lord knows, if I get them now I'll never get rid of them before I have to wear the strapless little number.
Later this afternoon, the kids, Rhonda and myself are headed to Stanwood to enjoy a baseball game. Go Spartans! Go Daddy! :) Today is a good day.
Oh, and Colby mowed the lawn. Hallelujah!

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