Knudson Family Drama.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

When you're least expecting it...

The game was a great game, Stanwood won, 1-0. It was sunny, and I have a million freckles on my face, we got out of the house and it felt good. Rhonda went with us; which was an extra special treat for us because there aren't many days when Rhonda feels up to being out and about anymore. Thank goodness she came because she took Cadynce on 2 potty runs during the game which would have been pretty difficult with Camden in tow. First one, she had to go potty; not long later, she says, "nana, I need to go potty again." Nana knows Cadynce pretty well, "Do you really need to go potty or do you want to play on the stairs?" Cadynce says, " NO, nana, REALLY I need to go poop." Off they went. :)
For some reason Camden has been sort of standoffish towards Rhonda lately; he is having some separation anxiety...and she never has really been able to get down and play with him too much so I think all those things factored together makes him a little leery. Regardless, we had a good time and when we got home it was nap time. After changing a diaper and Rhonda getting Cadynce ready for a nap, I was loading Rhonda's blanket and chair back into her Durango; it was so cute to come in and see Rhonda rocking Cam in the rocking chair. Of course I ruined that simply by walking in, but it was precious even if only for a few minutes. I put Camden down for his nap and Rhonda switched kids, she held and rocked Cadynce for a few minutes. Between Cadynce growing and Rhonda losing so much weight, Cadynce looked huge sitting on her lap rocking away. It was picture perfect the 2 of them sitting there enjoying each other, Cadynce's eyes half closed and Rhonda's head resting on hers. It's moments like these that sneak up on me and get to me when I least expect it. As much as I want her to be here forever she isn't going to be. Rhonda was so content to sit and rock my girl, something I take for granted every single day.

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