Knudson Family Drama.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Being 1 is the least so far.

My poor Cam, he really just hasn't had an easy go of being one and it's only been 4 days. To start things off for the week coming up to his birthday the little guy has had been doing a lot of pooping. And I mean A LOT! So his butt is red and has an awful bad rash. Finally we started using monistat on it and it's helping quite a bit. Yup, that was pretty funny all in itself, I called Colby and told him he needed to go pick that up. HA! So, good guy that he is, heads to Haggens while I'm at work; pretty soon he calls, "there are so many choices, which one do I get?" I had no clue. "fine, I guess I'll ask the pharmacist." Again, what a man. Anyhoo, he asked the pharmacist and she/he (i dunno) showed him what to get, and also informed him that the stuff for athletes foot is the same so he could get that, it's a lot cheaper. Hell no he says....what if it makes his balls swell up or something?! LOL! Only a man would think like that. He did read the back of the packages and they did have the same ingredients, but he still didn't like the idea of putting something on Camdens butt that was for feet. The actual day of Cam's birthday went fine; he's been really cranky all week. Friday morning, I was making a cake for Kelan's birthday. A really cool racetrack cake (pics to come soon) and that was tough to do with him being so cranky. Lacey came to pick up the cake and when we were out putting it in her car, Cam fell against the screen door and put 2 teeth through his bottom lip. OOh yeah, lots of bleeding and crying. Lacey was a great nurse though, she works at the dentist so she checked his teeth and called her dentist to see what he said. Basically, no acidic foods and as long as the bleeding stops we are fine. Gave him so Motrin and shortly after he was good to go. Such a tough guy! You think it ends here, not a chance. Saturday morning he woke up very cranky and wouldn't sleep around 4. I picked him up and he was on FIRE! Had a temp of 102, so Motrin again...the fever stayed up almost all day. Seriously? Seriously. He was cranky all day yesterday with the fever and not feeling so hot. Took him to the walk in and the didn't say anything really. Except they want a stool sample...laugh all you want. I didn't know weather to laugh or cry. Not looking forward to that. Thankfully he slept pretty good last night and has only had a real low grade fever at one point this morning. He seems to be in a better mood, but has a bit of a cold, and is drooling a lot. My mommy senses told me it was teething to begin with, so we will see if at least 8 teeth pop thru for all the trouble it's been. Happy Easter right!? We are celebrating Easter and his birthday with Colby's family tonight....hope the little guy can hang tough through that too.

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