Knudson Family Drama.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Today is a beautiful sunny day, not quite the warmest, but beautiful none the less. After lunch I sent Cadynce outside to play...her companion tagging right along with her. (summer dog) We are so lucky to have a nice big fenced back yard with play stuff, the sun hits it for most of the day, so we just pop open a living room window and keep an eye/ear on her. It cracks me up the way Cadynce yells at Summer, tells her to come...and gets mad when she ignores her. Today she caught my attention though and I found myself watching her play for over a half an hour with the dog. One of the two of them had found one of Summer's balls somewhere in the yard and Cadynce had positioned herself at the top of the stairs so she could actually get a little bit of distance behind her throw. She'd throw the ball and Summer would chase it, Cadynce would cheer her on, "come on summer, good girl, you can do it" and Summer would dotingly come carrying the ball back (up and down the stairs every time). She'd get up to Cadynce and she'd actually tell her "release" promptly followed by "good girl." Wonders never cease to amaze me - who'd a thought my little girl would pick up on those sort of habits, especially those revolving around a dog.

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