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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cancer Schmancer

I just thought I would try and give you all a little update on Rhonda. I can't remember what the last was I told you all, so if you're confused or if I left something out, just ask. So...the oral chemo that they had switched her to for the tumors that reappeared under her arm, isn't doing jack s#%t. Her white blood cell count is too low and she is struggling to stay healthy. Last week she went in for a check up and the tumors had grown and are adhering to her breast bone. They pulled her off of the oral chemos and she will go back on an iv chemo starting next week I think. In a nutshell, what this all means is, they are running out of tricks... a friend of mines mom has cancer also and just got accepted into this clinical trial for a new type of cancer treatment, it's biological instead of chemical. Called ET-743. I'm trying to get some more info on it so Rhonda can take it to her oncologist to see if it's something worth trying. Although I feel like the doctors don't always look outside the box: I don't understand why the doctor isn't willing to say, I've used up all I got, now let's find someone who has some other ideas...they want all the credit to themselves. Ugh.

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