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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I know I've told you all about Rhonda, but I have a new bitch about cancer, and everything going along with it. As you all know we have come to a point with Rhonda, where there aren't a whole lot, if any, options left as far as chemotherapy and traditional treatments go. Here's my bitch: there was a type of treatment originally developed in L.A., it became illegal here by the government or whoever the hell makes those kinds of is available in Mexico. The treatment has had great success. So why was it made illegal here and moved?! Could it be because it was so successful?! I think that ultimately the government really does not want there to be a cure for cancer because they will lose millions of dollars, I mean, who cares about all the people who cancer has an affect on!
I mentioned before the clinical trial called ET-743, Rhonda is going to take some of that info to her oncologist....we'll see how far that goes. Basically, her oncologist is out of ideas. Why can't she say to Rhonda, "I'm out of ideas, but let me find you another oncologist who has some others." Grrr. It is so frustrating. I swear, they all want the credit for healing people and can't see past their selves to help someone beyond what is in their own powers. Or for that matter, why can't they bring in a naturopath to work hand in hand with an oncologist and the cancer patient and get the best of both worlds. Chemotherapy is so toxic, I'm not sure how anyone expects a body to be able to stay healthy enough to handle that and fight off other infections without the help from supplements and nutrients available outside the pharmaceutical walls.

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Kirabell said...

Dawn your Wonder-Woman cape and go get'em Hon! Rhonda is so lucky to have you! I love you!!