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Saturday, September 25, 2010

wind. rain. sun?

For the last week, we've been convinced that summer was over. It's been windy, rainy and just nasty outside...I have quickly realised that I'm not ready for it... not ready for kids to be cooped up in the house trying to burn off pent up energy. I'm already trying to think of things to do this fall and winter to keep them busy. For Cadynce it's not going to be too tough, school seems to be wearing her out pretty well, but Camden, he's another story. So, I'm really appreciating the fact that today has actually turned out fairly nice, a little windy, but it's not wet! This afternoon we'll head outside to burn some energy and hopefully tonight go to Papa's house to play on the new play set.

A note about Kelan:
Kelan (remember him from here?) had surgery on Monday, the 20th, and after 13 1/2 hours of surgery the surgeons called it quits because they couldn't control the bleeding. They were only able to remove about 30-40% of the tumor, while that is great because it's that much less, it's still not what they were hoping for. Kelan will have to start chemo again in about three weeks...I'll keep you posted. Or you can check out his caring bridge site.

Back to all the rain...did I tell you about camping? We went camping twice this summer up to the lot at Pillaguamish. The kids really liked it, and so did we! It's convenient, and it's gated.. the girls (Cadynce and cousin Alex) can go down to the bathrooms or playground just the two of them and we don't have to worry. (the second weekend we did however hear about cougar sitings! woops) The second trip up was a bit longer than the first, 4 whole days! It was Labor day weekend so there was lots of run, raffles, bingo...and it poured down rain. During the poker run we had Ryan, Colby, Kelli, me, Cadynce, Alex, and Camden all on the golf cart in the pouring down rain trying to collect our poker cards. We got drenched! Luckily, they have some nice super sized industrial strength dryers up there that dried out our coats, sweatshirts and sweatpants in no time! Needless to say, we played a lot of cards under the tent, burned A LOT of fire wood and the kids played their ds's and watched movies. All in all, we really did have a great time, it was nice just to be away. (and I did take my camera, I had good intentions, it just never made it out of the car.)

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