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Friday, September 10, 2010

first day of Kindergarten

We made it! And just like I knew she would, she did great. She loved it and can't wait to go back. There were no hard goodbyes, just a, "bye mom, bye dad. love you."
Cadynce got ready for school at home with dad and then came down to Napa so I could fix her hair. She also got to see Papa before her first day this way. We took her up to school and Aunt Sandie met us there (thank goodness for Aunt Sandie doing her best to fill a big void). I really think that only we feel the void, not the kids, they are so blessed with amazing people that most of the time they forget what's missing. Outside of the school I got choked up, but amazingly enough, the tears didn't come. It was so cool to watch her walk right in, and literally drag Aunt Sandie down the hall to her classroom. (yes, she remembered where!) I couldn't believe she remembered, the ice cream social on Tuesday was total chaos and so stressful for me that I was super surprised she remembered. So that's it, she's off and running...


Love this shirt!

Talking to sissybug before going to school.

The girl and her Papa

Ugh, the backpack, that took us forever to get, mostly my fault because I was trying really hard to talk her into a regular backpack.

Daddy - Daughter - Dimples.

Me and caca. Colby asked me if I was really going to lug my camera all the way to school and take pictures all the way in. Of course I am! We only get this ONE time!

Cadynce has so much support...loving on Aunt Sandie.

See! Dragging Aunt Sandie down the hall!

Cadynce came home with a cute little hand necklace around her neck. She made's shaped in the "i love you" with a heart glued in the middle. I guess there's a story about a raccoon going to school and it's scared. So the mom puts a kiss in its hand. I didn't know the story, but when we were talking to Tina while picking up Cam, she knew right away! I am so thankful that the beginning of this transition is going so smoothly. Now, I just have to get over all of my fears for being mean, being frustrated with school, getting embarrassed, learning bad things from her peers...these are all my fears, not hers. I know they are a part of the process, but I wouldn't be a mom if I wasn't wishing I could protect her from all those bad things...

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