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Friday, June 11, 2010

let's play catch.

Catch up, that is. Back in May we went to the Cruzin' For The Cure car show, and got to see Mater. The kids loved that!!! It is an unbelievable truck that a guy from Lake Stevens built. WOW!

Aunt Sandie through a huge birthday party for Grandma Cleone, she turned 80. It was really neat to see all the people that came to celebrate and how happy it made grandma.

I also attended Relay for Life in Arlington; it was our first every relay and we are the number 1 rookie city in the nation!! That's right! So far there has been over 230,000 dollars raised!!! And fundraising isn't actually final until August 31st. While Relay For Life was a huge success... it was not a good day for me. Our friends, Justin and Lacey Knowles of Stanwood, found out that very day, that their son had cancer. Kelan is 3 years old and has neuroblastoma. June 4, and 5 was relay for life, walking for 18 hours and no sleep at all. Then Sunday was the Susan G Komen walk as well. I ended up meeting a few team members in Seattle on Sunday for the walk, then heading over to Children's Hospital to spend some time with the Knowles'. Kelan is such a trooper; it's amazing how well kids can tolerate things that adults just can't. They have a long battle ahead of them...we're praying for them everyday.

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