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Monday, May 31, 2010

May showers bring June... ?

whats? What do May showers bring in June?! They better bring some serious sunshine because we are so sick of the rain. We (and by we I mean Colby) took advantage of the sunny days a few weeks (feels like months) ago and really started to get crackin' on the yard. Our poor yard is always the last thing to get any TLC. I have no green thumb, and Colby breaks every mower/weedwacker/trimmer/wheelbarrow. Colby started trimming back some of our gigantic bushes and trees, mowed, and edged the front. I even weeded part of it. ICK! The back yard got mowed and raked...I know, you can't believe it right? But really, he did. However, I'm certain that after all this rain will come just enough sun to make it look like a jungle again. Then we'll be starting over at square one. Too bad we're not independently wealthy because I could really use a lawn dude/dudette. For those of you that have been here, you know the part of our yard in the back by the play set? Ha, it's still not touched.. the grass is at least up to my waist! Not sure what we're gonna do there. Cadynce refuses to play on the play set because there are snails. The weeds are almost as tall as she is in some places; they have managed to grow through whatever layer of no-weeds-can-get-through-this kind of stuff they put down underneath the red bark. Yeah, you heard me, red bark is the foundation of the play set. Dumb idea huh! Lots of splinters and pokies come up from there. The plan is to replace it with sand this summer since Camden has taken a liking to playing in the sand. Well, he always has, but he LOVES playing at Ron and Stacie's house in there sandbox. (Just spent ten minutes looking for a picture that I realized is on my phone not on the computer.) ugh. (and now just realized that I didn't save it on my phone.) double ugh. Anyhow, really, he loves the sand; so that's the plan. I'm off to be crafty before the kids wake up. What are you guys doing to stay sane with all this rain?!

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