Knudson Family Drama.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

my chocolate croissant

Ali came to visit Thursday and Kira sent her with a bag full of Holly B's goodies! I was sooo excited because I have been waiting oh-so impatiently for a chocolate croissant from the bakery.
Saturday morning I am finally just getting around to eating that thing! Oh heaven, it is so good! I set it down on the bag on the kitchen counter to go and fold clothes or something.

Promptly, Cadynce appears in my room, holding MY croissant.

Please note: she is licking it. Yes, that's right: LICKING IT!

"Mom, this tastes like chocolate, can I have a bite?!"


We then had to have a discussion about licking people's food and getting it down off the counter when you knew it was someone elses. Sheesh, some people's kids.

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