Knudson Family Drama.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

4 generations.

We are so blessed that Colby's family is all so close. I mean, REAL, close. Like, we all live within about a 20 minute drive of each other, max, except Ryan and Kelli who live out on Camano Island, but still, that's close, right? Not only that, there are so many of them, on both his mom and dad's sides of the family. It's so amazing, and I'll admit it's daunting too...I can walk down the streets with my kids and people that I don't know, can identify me and my children, for the simple fact that they look like Knudsons. Seriously - I have people stop me and say, "Oh, those MUST be Knudson babies." It's really amazing when we can share our children's birthdays and Holidays with such a large family. So, at Easter when we celebrated Camden's first birthday with everyone we took advantage and took some pictures of 4 generations of Knudsons. Colby's grandpa Ben, his dad Mike, Colby, and Camden.

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