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Monday, May 4, 2009

The April Happenings

Yes, I got behind, so now that we are into May, I'm going to give you a condensed version of what all went on in April around the Knudson family.
We started off April celebrating Camden's birthday, we had one birthday party here and one at Mike and Rhonda's on Easter.

Camden had come off a week of not feeling super hot, a high fever and putting 2 teeth through his lip. We made the most of the day, but you can tell, he wasn't feeling the best.

Nana gave him a bath in the sink. He thought the water was pretty cool how it sprayed out of there and better yet, Molly (one of Mike and Rhonda's Springer Spaniels) was hanging out on the bench outside the window watching. Too cute!

The Saturday before Easter I was supposed to take Cadynce to the Easter Egg Hunt at the airport, but with Cam being sick, I opted out and let Nana and Papa take her. There were tons of kids there....

You can see all the people! Papa was coaching Cadynce on where to go, "head straight out to the middle and start getting eggs!" She did just that and came back with 20 eggs. Not really too much of a hunt, the age groups were sort of silly, but oh well, she had lots of fun!

Got a bit out of order here. Two days before Easter I made Kelan's birthday cake. It was fun to make, but proved to be a bit trying as my kids weren't entirely cooperative. Cadynce was being a twit and Camden wasn't feeling that great. The cake got finished though:

Then, my sister came to visit. Her dad lives in Seattle; she lives in California. She usually comes up twice a year and it's so great to see her!

Sorry it's not the clearest photo, Colby isn't the greatest photographer.

So that pretty much sums up April for us. Of course, there were lots of baseball games, but no pictures to prove that. Following one kid at a baseball game was easy, 2 is a bit of a different story.

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