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Saturday, January 3, 2009

things Cadynce loves

In the car on the way home from Napa, Cadynce started rambling on and on a very large list of things she loves. I'm trying to remember them all...
1. I love my brother.
2. I love suckers.
3, oh and I love to go there. ( i ask where? she says THERE.)
4. I love the snow.
5. I love my summer dog.
6. I love my nana and my papa too. and all my grandpas and everybody else.
7. I love to to go there. ( again, I ask where? and again, she says THERE.)
8. I love to color in my new Cars coloring book.
9. I love my sprayer. ( a color wonder spray thingy that was a Christmas gift)
10. Mommy, I LOOOOVE chocolate. ( i do too Cadynce, I do too.)

I've run out of the rest, but there was a lot more. When she comes home from nana and papa's house today I will ask her.....and write them down this time, so that I can share them all with you!

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