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Monday, January 5, 2009

things Cadynce loves (part 2)

I racked and racked my brain and couldn't remember the rest of her "loves." So I asked her. I'm pretty sure I'll make a scrapbook page out of this too, but for your reading enjoyment; more of what she loves:
Dora, toys, summer dog, phones, tents, going to bed(haha, yeah right), Cars (the movie), my brother, you (me), Daddy and coloring. Some of those may be repeats... so then I decided to keep on with the questions. I started to ask her some of favorites.
Favorite Color: Blue
Movie: Cars
Book: Dora
Treat: Vitamins
Food: Chicken Nuggets
Snack: Bananas
To do Outside: play with Summer Dog
Game: Tag, you're it!
And finally, her very best friend is her cousin Alex.

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